Taking a friend’s advice.

“bespren…try mong mag move-on”

This may seem like an ordinary comment on my drama status last night but what many didn’t know is that it struck me like hell. It was like waking up from a long bad dream. Before I officially move on I wanted to say the things I haven’t said because we really didn’t have the time to clear things and to talk, I mean really talk. 


I met you in the most inconvenient place, in a bar. The first time you hold my hands I know right there that if I let myself close to you I will be doom. You weren’t good looking, hell no, but there is something in you that made me fall for you. I love you and I know you already know that.

It’s hard to finally let you go but I know I need to. I need to it for myself. I need to bring back the respect I have for myself that I lose when I decided to pursue the love I have for you. I need to erase and kill the hope growing in my heart that someday you will realize that you love me. There is nothing wrong in hoping, but in my case it is all wrong. It’s wrong to ignore those guys who want to be a part of my life just because of that small hope. It’s wrong to  save myself to a guy who I’m not really sure will really come. 

So, I am taking my friend’s advice. I am moving on. I am letting myself go. I am letting you go. 


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