Future Plans

 I used to see a future with you, but right now you can’t even see a future for yourself. 

I understand you wanting to enjoy life. You’re the life of a party and it’s one thing I really like about you. It’s okay to party but when it becomes your top priority I guess it turns to addiction.

Eat. Sleep. Party. Repeat. 

That has become your life. At first I thought you’re just tired coz you’ve been working since you’re 16. It’s already been 6 months but instead of you getting tired of going out to party it seems like it got worst.

You’re unemployed and goes to party almost every night. We can’t even talk at night over the phone or through skype because you’re out, partying of course. You can’t even visit me because you don’t have a penny to spare.

I want to travel, to go to places and make memories with you but all you want to do is to go to fucking clubs and drink until the morning. You used to say we’re on the same page but no, we are not. You’re stuck on the first page and you doesn’t have any plans on getting out.

I love you but I can’t stand you wasting all your potentials.

I love you but I need someone who sees a future with me.

I love you but I’m tired of all the shit.

I love you but I need a future, and I don’t think we have one.







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