To the guy who holds my heart <3

I’m determined not to go out that night. I have a lot of things to do but for some reason I found myself sitting in that sofa, sipping my spiritless cocktail. That was where I met you, a strange drunk guy who knows no shame.

You were actually annoying. You talk a lot, move a lot and drink a lot. I was talking to your friend when suddenly you sat between us and hold my hand. I was struck,but since you were drunk, I let you caress my hand. I can still remember how you sulk like a kiddo when no one was paying attention to you. You were like a nine year old child stuck in a man’s body. You were that childish.

It was very unusual for me to feel fondness for someone I just met, but with you it was all different. It was a new experience to me. It was all new to me. I thought it was the start of something sweet, something I can hold on, something I know is mine but as what you always say, shit happens.

After all is said and done, I just want to say thank you for that short span of time we have shared. It may not be the ending I rooted for, but the journey is very much worth it. Because of you I found a friend and a sister (Faith) that loves me no matter what happens. I found out who are willing to listen to me when I’m in my stupidest. For that, I sincerely thank you.

One day, I would want to look in your eyes and personally say the things I haven’t said. One day, I really want to be your friend who will be happy to hear stories about that girl you love. One day, I really want to remember you without this bittersweet feeling in my heart. One day…